Monday, 21 November 2011

The pursuit of 'Sparkle'

So this first post is kind of a background i guess. Basically when i was a kid and i was going through a tough time my mummy and i said i'd lost my sparkle, the years after were then dedicated to getting my sparkle back. 'Sparkle' is that little glint in your eye when everything in life seems to be going for you, its those moments when you have that little smile on your face and your completely happy and comfortable in yourself. We've all had those moments where we've felt completely at peace with ourselves and this blog is in pursuit of those moments.
A while ago i read a book called 'The Goddess Experience' by Gisele Scanlon and basically she advocated taking all the small little pleasures in life and truely appreciating them, this idea has stuck with me and i even started to make a happiness list of all the little things that make your life that little bit brighter. Ok, so an example... that can of diet coke or steaming cup of coffee when you've been out all morning and you need that hit of caffine, finding those perfect shoes on sale or cheaper than you thought, that morning text from a guy you like saying 'hope you have a nice day sweetie'. All these little bursts of sparkle make any grey moods disappear, even if only for a split second and here im going to try and document my little bursts of sparkle and  things that put a smile on my mardy teenage face. :)

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