Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Little Fish Syndrome

Hello everybody!
 Life update time again.
Once again the pace hasn't let up and life has been shooting forward in that usual way so that when you look back, life has flashed before your eyes and you can't believe its all happened.
So here's the breakdown...

1) I Graduated....
We all knew it was coming, although at times it was touch and go. These three years really have been the toughest. Previous blog posts are testament to that. But hey, turns out it was worth it. I manged to walk across the stage in front of hundreds of people (plus more watching online) not trip, cry or throw up and receive my first class degree in History from the University of Nottingham.
Who'd a thunk it eh!
Multiple pictures, a lovely family meal, a gorgeous surprise and a last few cocktails with the gang at CocoTang's meant it was goodbye Nottingham University. Its been a blast! I will now take my piece of paper and be off. Gracias.

My Little Sister <3 p="">

2) I moved down to London
So what do you do with a First class degree in your pocket and a very limited savings account... you move down to London of course.
Okay so i'm not that impulsive I did have an internship lined up. But yes i'm now here in the big smoke; cue the title explanation...
So its been busy, I mean like really busy. I had this idea in my head that I would move down, not be able to find a job and have to move back home (being my classically optimistic self as always). Not the case.
The first week saw me going to 3 recruiter meetings, setting up 3 interviews, start a new full time internship and move into a new house with people I barely know. I don't make it easy for myself do I? That was the tip of the ice-berg.

Long story short, i've now been offered a permanent graduate trainee role which I have accepted and am awaiting confirmation for.
In the meantime i'm still attending interviews I had previously set up in order to make sure i've made the right decision and helping out a fashion designer friend in my "spare" time. phew!
So back to the title. All this busy-ess, this awesomely, amazing busy-ness, has obviously been accompanied with exhaustion and drunken crying phone calls home.
I have termed this phenomena 'Little Fish Syndrome';

As a little fish in the huge ocean they call London, I am subject to one of two phenomenon. I am either trying to swim against the tide, using all my strength to stay my course and not get swept in the opposite direction, or the tide is on my side but it's pushing me faster than I can swim.  I felt this was a particularly apt analogy as it also fits with the idea that I am at the start of the rest of my life; a graduate, plankton, bottom of the ocean food chain and surrounded by bigger fish that will gobble me up or sweep me aside without even raising a fin. It's friggin' scary folks.
However, I am learning to surf the waves and on my own too because i've stopped the anti-d's (Hooray!) all is good in the mental-hood.

3) The Internship
So the whole reason I've been able to come down to London is due to the amazing Charlotte at GlamUK offering me an internship as an editorial assistant. It has been amazing! The people are great and I've been doing what I love; writing, messing around on social media and chatting non-stop about trends, fashion and food.
Today my first two pieces got published;
 ....with others scheduled to be uploaded over the next month.
The pride I feel knowing something I have written is on a site as established and widely read as Glam is amazing to me and has really boosted my confidence and self-esteem.
So big shout out to the Glam Team! Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Thank you for wanting me to stay on a little bit longer and allowing me to continue to learn and grow. I'm really going to miss you all come the end of August. *sad face*.

All in all, a busy few weeks. Its been hard keeping a level head when I've been riding this roller-coaster but i've managed it. I'm proud of myself and, as a knowledgeable friend said, 'London is my Oyster' (like the card geddit!?)
Little fish I may be but I am channeling Nemo and bossing it. I'll continue to grow, avoid being eaten and learn to swim with the tide.
Just keep Swimming..

Peace and Love x 

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