Monday, 21 September 2015

The Pursuit of ... A Marathon

Hey Sparkle Finders,

Once again its been a while and I have to admit it is because I lost my sparkle a little bit.

So to get it back, I have set myself a goal, a real goal and one that I am investing time, effort (and money) in. In 6 months time I WILL run a Marathon.

I haven't really had a hobby since I was a child when I did all the normal (if rather middle-class) extra-curricular activities; Ballet, Horse Riding, Gymnastics, Piano etc... But as a fully grown adult I haven't got one.

If I had been asked over the last year 'what are your hobbies' I am very ashamed to say that the answer would probably have been working and drinking wine with friends. I didn't have anything that I could really say 'Yes this a constructive activity I partake in outside of work'.

So why a marathon?

Over the last 6 months I have been going to the gym, in between work and drinking wine with friends, it is something I enjoy. Going about 3-4 times a week I did the odd class, but mostly I stuck to the treadmill. I know running, I am good at running and I could feel myself getting stronger as I ran.

When I run, it is one of the very few times that I actually feel proud of my body, which is very unfair given the cr**p i have put it through in the last 5 years. But there you go (!)

So when choosing a hobby, why should it not be something I do already? But here is the rub, I had plateaued. I could run 10 km in a good time but I wasn't getting any fitter and my body wasn't getting much stronger so what now?

It was becoming a bit of a 'running' joke at the gym (pun intended), I was known as the girl who runs, on the same treadmill, and that's all I do. Quite a few times I was told by the gym instructors that I needed to warm-up and cool down and also add in weights to my training.

But no, I just kept running...

I mean, I did start doing an Abs class every week and I do love a good Zumba session, but the whole weights thing.... I didn't get it. That was up until I gave into Louis, a PT, who offered me a weights induction session and, in spite of myself, I loved it.

I could feel my muscles again and that sense of strength came back. I was sold. I wanted to learn more about weights and structure it into a real training plan rather than plodding along as I was doing just running and doing the odd class.

So I signed up with Louis and I became one of those people who can now smugly say 'oh well my PT says...'- you know those people you want to punch in the face (yeah that's me sorry guys).

Now when it came to setting goals I was very clear that I didn't want to lose weight (not after last time - see posts circa 2012/3) but I needed something to aim for, something I could set my sights on.

I had already signed up for the London Marathon for 2016 (but I don't find out if I get on it until October) nevertheless there is also a Marathon in Leeds in May so the goal is there and I have no excuse not to reach it.

So this is the beginning of the 6-month marathon journey; a goal to aim for & a reason to write again.

Time to buy a protein shaker..

E x


  1. Ooh good luck!! 6 months will fly by! I think it would be really cool to say you've actually done a MARATHON! You're very brave :-D xx

  2. wow what an amazing goal!! good luck! xx