Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Daily Grind (Ridiculous Shoes, Ridiculous drinks and a Tiki Bar)

So the lack of posts has been mostly to do with life restarting and reality hurtling back with force, coming back to earth with a bump. It' is inevitable that the world seems slightly less sparkly when you leave the dreamy romanticism of the perfect holiday and are faced with the harsh realization that you actually have to fund this lifestyle somehow and so a job is ones only option. Nevertheless the bump was (and has) been cushioned by many an exploit aided by the best-est and most sparkly friends anyone could ask for. A mixture of Cocktails, Bowling, Immature babbling conversations about the most entertaining aspects of 'random crap', Nandos, Red Wine and a little Soul Music has let the magic continue.

The discovery of a Tiki bar has made coming home all the more worth it. A night out with the epitome of sparkle, Miss Stephi Thomas, truly proved that home is where the heart (and rum) is... Note the outrageous shoe choice (resulting in many a bruise the next morning) and the gradually declining quality of photography, definitely the sign of one of the best nights out in a long time!

 (How can a night not be perfect when you leave with Poloroid evidence!?)

Along with feeding my body and hedonistic pleasures, a return to the dusty pages of literary genius has also fed my (slightly hung-over) mind. A quote from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (p92 for those of you who have been drilled in correct footnoting as much as I was in my first year of a History degree) i'd like to share with you, it is the perfect end to this post and I hope it resonates and inspires you as much as it has me...

"No you will not escape us and will not be different, but will remain such as you have been: full of dissatisfaction with yourself, and of vain attempts at improvement followed by failures, and continual hopes of the happiness which has escaped you and is impossible for you.' That was what the things said, but another voice within his soul was saying that one must not submit to the past and that one can do anything with oneself. And obeying the latter voice he went to the corner..."

Peace and Love x

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  1. Looks like you girls had a great time! Cute outfits!