Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

A post dedicated to the most perfect little sister in the world.... 


You fill up my world like cotton wool,
With comfort protecting sharp edges. You glow in the darkness, a trait so rare, Radient skin, a woman's touch and GOLDEN hair! You are the ligthouse to my stormy sea, guiding me into port. Lighting my way through clouds of grey, I thought i'd lost my battle, but you fought. You saved my sanity by doing no wrong; You blossomed in my absence, bringing music to a song that I could never write,about love and life, About maturity and womanhood. You're the apple of my eye, my madonna, my muse, You brought me back from the brink; you win, I lose. I could never be more proud as I am of you today. You're the perfect woman, a diamond, you shine in every possible way. Keep living for me, doing all that you crave. Make up for my mistakes and never be enslaved By monstars in the darkness, know that they are no match for you. You can conquer all lifes challenges and see the night through. Know that I love you, never shall we part. You are always going to be the biggest and most beautiful element of my heart. You're a blessing on the world, on your family and friends, The world will never forget you, even when your life ends. But for now live it joyously, as you always have; Never look back, never regret and show the world what i see.

...After a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, Diamond necklace and lot of tears we mounted a mini-bus, complete with mini-bar, to continue the celebrations... i.e. BRING ON THE BOOZE!

...Champagne, Red Wine, Cookie Dough cupcakes and AMAZING food at 'Jamie's Italian'.

She is truly an asset to her family and friends, I love you so much!!! 

Peace and Love x

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