Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Rembrants ('Friends' Theme)

As the summer holidays draw to their inevitable close and the new academic year advances, the conflicting feelings of unbearable anticipation and resistance to change become two common characters on your shoulder.
Speaking of two common characters in my life; these last few weeks have been spent with my two bestest friends, making the most of the last days of close proximity. The beauty of making memories like this is that it reminds you that you are still the same dorky little teen on the inside despite insisting that maturity and experience have taken their hold over you.
As the following photo-dump shows, this is perfectly epitomized by our exploits...
The CLASSIC Wagamama's Walrus pose...

Of course, age has shown its benefits and new activities become available.... and when i say activities I mean...

As you can probably see the photos took on what I like to think of 'candid' (or as most people would claim 'unsteady') character. A hangover is made infinitely more bearable when you crowd round the camera and know that all the tired panda eyes and achey feet were worth it. Sometimes you just have to suffer for your art.....

While this post seems abit disjointed I guess it might help to illustrate what i'm trying to say...
 Life is disjointed.
It took 3 months for the three of us to really spend some time together; holidays, work and family commitments made what seemed like a relatively easy task of reunion a real riddle. Now we are all out in the big wide world, spreading our strange sayings, actions and in-jokes all over the globe (Australia, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe...) it is a credit to our friendship that none of this matters. When we get together you realize who you really are and it reminds you of what you could lose if you don't put in the effort. 
Life may be crazy and unpredictable. We all have our own hopes, dreams and aspirations. We come and go but we know we have our power base to charge us back up when we sound the alarm. 

So to the future... to the new experiences... challenges and adventures. I can't wait to snuggle up in PJ's in front of a sweetie buffet and a 'so crap its good' film and tell my girls all about it when we all come back. Sharing 'shiggles', shoes and nail polish.
Only a true friend can give you this and say 'hey this bar was made for you...' thanks RAE!!!

I thought this was more rational... (and boring) 

So here's to you guys... Bring the sparkle...I wouldn't have mine without you.

Peace and Love x

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