Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Good Life...

It is a paradox of modernity that as the world seems to become materially smaller, one can't help but wonder if, as a consequence, humanity and a sense of community fragments. In true 'keen been' fashion I have been trying to get a head start for my degree next year by pre-reading and trying to familiarize myself with the periods and issues that will plague my brain in the coming year. My first compulsory module is ' The Contemporary World since 1945' and in true modernization fashion (and with reference to 'The History Boys') Nothing seems further away than the recent past.

What struck me most was that as technology and post-industrialism took a firmer grip on society, it seems to squeeze out traditionalism and values that have characterized the British isles for centuries.  A gain in globalization has led to a loss of locality.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A trend of 'kitsch' and the glamorization of 'country chic' makes sure old English tradition does live on and (while plagued by commercialism) 'Grassmere Sports' in the Lake District re-affirmed my faith in simple pleasures and a good old fashioned sense of Heritage. Since my youth, i have been drip-fed a love and appreciation of the lake district with a family pilgrimage every few weekends to the top of the world with a promise of a pub dinner and nap in the car journey home if we got back down to the bottom. This charmed aspect of my childhood was sorely missed when I left for university last year so one of my summer wishes was a family day out to renew relations with an old friend.
So donning the wellies, waterproof and gilet we set out (along with new puppy) to fulfill my wish.
Mud, Tug of war and real men in Lycra is probably the best way to summarize my day along with the smell of cider, Cumberland sausages and wet dog. After eating a poor guy out of flavored honey samples (Apple, Rhubarb, Sticky toffee and Dandelion and Burdock but to name a few) we entered the Daisy in the dog show as a kind of 'inauguration' into Lakeland life. Safe to say she didn't do herself justice but giggles were many.

Okay so i wasn't necessarily only focusing on the dog's merits.... but i know who i would give my rosette to ;)

What a couple of Bums... hahaahahha (okay so not that funny)

 Please welcome to the 'Sparkle blog' Mummy and Daddy Clark...

Nawwwwww their giving each other a hug.....


Another flirtation with tradition was had last weekend when attending a 21st Birthday party. Little did I know until I had already picked my outfit, that the theme of this soiree was Barn Dance and Hog Roast. So in true Anne Hathaway as Cat-woman style, not even harm inflicting boots could prevent my involvement. Yes i was petrified of impaling old women and small children with my Jeffery Campbell boots but the compliments and admiration I got afterwards just made the experience even more hilarious.

The moral of this post is STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN AND INTO LIFE!

Peace and Love x

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