Monday, 17 June 2013

The Summer of (Self) Love

I have named this summer the summer of SELF love. I have spent a year trying to get back on track physically and now its time for the hard part of tackling the mental side.
Like every other teenage girl out there we all harbor self doubt.
We're never good enough, never live up to expectations and will never look like Jessica Alba
But maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing.

(not my image)

My second year of university has officially ended and it is at these watershed moments when you cant help but reflect on what the last year has seen and try and quantify what you have achieved.
It is difficult not to panic that the future is speeding towards you at 100mph and you're rooted to the spot about to be hit by the 'responsibility' train but this is where pursuit of sparkle really comes into its own.
zoom out
step back
and just appreciate what you have learnt and experienced over the past 365 days.

The last post was short and sweet recognizing the first birthday of my starting this online ramble so it seems liked the opportune moment to list what this year has taught me.
1) You can never have too many friends as long as you take the time to show each one how much you appreciate them

2) Your mum is alright right (annoyingly)
3) Never underestimate the impact of the words 'i am proud of you', 'i'm sorry' and 'do you do student discount?'
4) Never drink white wine on an empty stomach

5) Believe in yourself, be Proud of yourself and Love yourself because sometimes yours the only opinion that matters.

I have been amazingly lucky this year. I have met some outstanding friends, inspiring tutors and recognized that life doesn't have to be so hard if you learnt to let shit happen once in a while.

(shit like this)

Everything always seems to work out for the happy, considerate and willing individual who gives up planning and control for fate and opportunity.
 However, no one is happy all the time, sometimes you have to be selfish and yes there will always be days when you want to sit on the sofa in a onesie and watch crap on t.v. but as long as you recognize your flaws, accept them and keep pursuing sparkle you will have a summer of self love too.


Peace and Love x

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