Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Return of Sparkle

Hey Sparkle Finders!

So it has been almost 6 months since the last blog post and truth be known I was planning on it being the last.

I felt like I had finished the blog with that story. The blog that saw me through the toughest times.

That WAS going to be the case but …*fanfare please*… the Sparkle will be returning and it couldn’t have happened at a more exciting time!

I am now in a job I love (You are now looking at the new Digital PR Exec for Bring Digital), living with my family that I couldn’t love more and personally in a place where sparkle pursuit is easier that it has ever been.

I have to admit, I did cheat on ‘Pursuit of Sparkle’ in my absence; my contribution to the Bring Digital blog can be found here.

But Bring should be thanked, it reignited my blogging passion and I can’t wait to jump straight back in with the other amazing “Bring Bloggers” and write about all the sparkle I’m now finding, and what better way to start than with a post about diamonds.

Yes, beautiful, sparkly, diamonds.

Today was the Hancocks ‘To Have and to Hold’ blogger event held at their store on Kings Street, Manchester.

Welcomed with a glass of liquid sparkle, the event was kicked of with style, epitomised by the unbelievably elegant Rosemary.
(Honestly I don’t think I have ever seen a more sophisticated lady, Meryl Streep can SIT DOWN!)

For a History nerd like myself it couldn’t have started any better. Glass of champers in hand we got told all about the history of Hancocks, from its beginnings as the project of a clock winder to its place now as an Mancunian institution whose reputation for style, discretion and…well… selling beautiful diamonds, is well known.

After asking Rosemary what her favorite piece in the boutique was she went on to produce the most stunning yellow diamond ring any of us had ever seen. Square in shape, surrounded by diamonds, with the diamonds carrying on around the ring, it was breath-taking. One blogger was almost reduced to tears while the rest of us were shaking when we got the chance to

That’s £142,000 worth on my little, slightly blotchy, un-varnished finger!

Next up was the main event, the wedding jewelry. Presented beautifully by Amanda we got treated to pearl necklace’s, yellow diamond earrings (to match the ring obviously!) and yes…even more diamonds.

Slipping this gorgeous wedding band on we all started discussing our wedding dreams and plans. Boyfriends, Fianc├ęs and men in general… start saving!

Being single, trying on the engagement rings, dreaming of weddings… it was ever so slightly depressing but it does give me something to aspire to (sorry in advance to whichever poor sod who picks me!)

The event was rounded off with goody bags and special Hancocks cupcakes (as if the afternoon couldn’t get any better!)

Safe to say it wasn’t my normal Saturday afternoon, but it was the best way to bring back the blog in style.

This really is the return of sparkle!

Love x

P.S. One, final thing... thank you to the girls who brought the sparkle back! 
(check them out, they are, honestly, awesome!!)

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