Saturday, 4 April 2015

Showing My True Colours

Hello Sparkly People!

It's time for one of those posts which starts with bit of a grumble...

Since the 1950’s its been expected that women could ‘Do It All’ and as the decades have passed this has evolved in ‘Being Perfect’. 

Do you have a great family, do you also have amazing friends, are you keeping fit, looking preened and do you have a brain the size of planet with a sparkling wit to match? This is what the modern woman judges herself by.

It is the pursuit of perfection which sometimes gets us all into a bit of a mess and yet we still try. So in 'Showing My True Colours' I have been attempting to see if it is possible to fulfill all the above… without making a mess (kind of).

It is no secret that I have an amazing family and the Easter weekend is the perfect time to show my gratitude. The next post after this will be sharing our lovely Easter celebrations with you all/ ogling at the yummy food from The Garden Kitchen.

Likewise, I have always been amazing lucky to have the best girls and guys around me and hopefully tonight’s Easter exploits will also be in a future post… unless I forget to take pictures which, given the amount of bubbles I usually consume with Steph Baron, will probably happen!

Anyway, down to the point of this post...

Showing My True Colours! Keeping fit has always been a ‘trend’ from Jazzercise to Spinning to Zumba to that 'Hot Yoga' where you pass out from heat exhaustion. All the above come and go with the decades but I have never really found any exercise that I love more than running. That overwhelming sense of strength and determination, the exhilaration you feel as you sprint out those last few meters… ultimate buzz!

During the winter, and all the upheaval finding a new job, moving multiple times and stuff, it was hard to get into a routine and my running suffered. NO LONGER! Now I have found a job a love, I am settling back into a routine and…I have joined a gym. (honestly signing that contract is like a pre-nuptial agreement (!)…  THE COMMITMENT!!)

Anyway safe to say it has been the best decision I have ever made (like I hope marriage will be). It’s after those stressful or annoying days when you are so tired and fed-up and you just want to hit someone (a specific individual or not) and I just run. 

I get on that treadmill and run my little legs off (managed a solid 11.8km yesterday!) but however I feel, whatever my body is telling me it can handle, just that repetitive movement to a killer running soundtrack is enough to raise my spirits and give me that new lease of life to take on anything.

I have been lucky enough to be invited to take part in Run or Dye the most colorful 5K there ever was, where I will be 'Showing My True Colours'.. .all the colours! 

I mean I love running anyway but the chance to run whilst getting covered in (safe and eco-friendly) paint sounds EPIC! And then, to top it off, you get to the finish line and get covered in MORE paint while having MC’s bust some tunes so you can boogie off all those endorphins until your legs give way. 

Honestly it sounds euphoric and I am so excited! From the pictures it just looks amazing and as I said, nothing better than running your heart out to killer tunes… oh wait getting covered in paint makes it better!!!

Entry is only  £27.50 and kids under 6 can run free you don’t need to be a fitness freak you just need to want a good time. I’d love it if some of you guys came along and did it with me. It’s always more fun with friends. And my friends get a discount (Y) £3 off entry if you use the code KISDISCOUNT!

Be quick though! Ill be running it on the 18th April so sign up ASAP you here!

Now the second part of showing my true colours, and the final thing on the checklist of modern day power woman perfection, it’s the intelligence and wit thing.

Now I don’t know if I did master this, but BBC Radio 4’s Today program gave me a chance to try.
I was lucky enough to be chosen to go and take part in an interview for the Today program which required me to go and watch the ITV Leaders debate alongside my boss David Ingram MD of Bring Digital, Matt Tomkin MD of VO2 Sportswear,  Blessing Maregere the founder of Bright Futures Enterprises Ltd and Barbara Spencer, an NHS Medical Secretary.

 Watching the debate together at the MercureHotel (Red wine and bar snacks included) we were required to comment on the debate as and when we felt we had something to say (bit like political Goggle Box). Those two hours were very cleverly condensed into 4 minutes of airtime by the lovely Matthew Price (ex-BBC War correspondent) for the BBC Radio 4 Today Program.

The results of which can be found here.

Now I am not one who usually voices her opinions (*ahem*) but it was really so much fun, and while it is always nerve-wracking to voice ones views and affiliations, especially when it comes to politics, I am actually really proud of the finished result.

So there you have it. Showing My True Colours on all fronts and trying desperately to ‘Be It All’ but ultimately, you know the truth. 

It is pointless trying to pursue perfection; it will only end up messy. All you should really pursue is sparkle because the mess that comes with that is a lot more fun… i.e. getting covered in paint!

Run or Dye

 Lots of Love!

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