Friday, 17 April 2015

Life is a Picnic at The Garden Kitchen

For me, family has always been the most important part of my life and so when Easter came around it wasn’t the chocolate that excited me, it was the prospect of spending Easter Sunday with the fam – drinking prosecco, eating yummy food and enjoying the feeling of bliss that comes with being around people who love you unconditionally.

The sun was shining (pathetic fallacy at its best) and it was so warm, we couldn’t believe it.  Piling into two cars my mum, dad, sister, grandparents and I made our way to Holden Clough Nursery in Bolton-by-Bowland to indulge in Afternoon Tea at their Garden Kitchen.

For those of you unfamiliar with this part of the world, Bolton-by-Bowland is what every other country in the world thinks England looks like. It’s all green fields, little stone bridges and winding narrow country roads- it’s beautiful.

Arriving at The Garden Kitchen it is really unassuming. There are little pots of sprouting shrubs everywhere (this is the nursery bit) and you really don’t expect much. Then you get to the Tea Room.

Choosing a table outside to bask in the Sunshine we already knew what to order. The Garden Kitchen is famous for their picnic bench afternoon teas and, as it was Easter, they had designed a truly indulgent one to mark the holiday.

Starting out with our complimentary glass of prosecco we were all in the mood for celebrating and as the picnic benches were presented it really did feel special.

Mini bruschetta like savouries, a glass wellington boot filed with banana milkshake, a carrot cupcake in a flower pot and a crème egg cheesecake in a little bucket were just some of the delights that weighed down the bench of goodies all watched over by the cutest Easter Bunny shortbread biscuit.

The mini delights did not last long with the mini chocolate Easter Nest tart being a firm favourite.

The Easter Nest Favourite and the Welly Banana Milkshake

Polishing off a gallon of tea we were all suitably stuffed and very reluctant to move from our little sunspot.

Looking around at my family I felt truly happy- I can never express how grateful I feel when I stop and think about how lucky I am to have such a loving family.

To remember the occasion I bought my sister and I a pair of the glass wellington boot glasses which the banana milkshake was served in- My sister pointed out they would be as shot glasses- to help you get absolutely welly’d (whheyyyy) but for me it was a symbol of how my sister and I come as a pair (cheesy).
My beautiful sister and our pair of glass wellington boots.

Needless to say, it was the perfect way to spend an Easter Sun-day

Love x

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