Thursday, 23 April 2015


The Pursuit of Sparkle has always been about looking forward- living in the moment and not dwelling on the past.

However, I have been inspired to go against this blogs principles do my first ever #ThrowbackThursday!

The inspiration comes from Mural's Wallpaper who are running this great campaign - 'Blogging Around the World'.

They are asking bloggers like me (and maybe you) to share a photo of a place that means a lot to them - with the end goal being that Mural's can then create a World Map of memories for their World Map Collection.

So for my #ThrowbackThursday I am taking you back to my proudest moment - scoring the last goal of the last match for the UK Ladies Football Team at the Tri-Campus Games.

Starting the History Ladies Football team in my final year of University was one of my proudest achievements. Making it to China was a huge milestone for me. It not only opened my eyes to the world beyond Europe but also taught a lot about myself. It inspired me to take 'strong not skinny' seriously, it required me to push my own boundaries and most of all, it taught me that wherever you are in the world, if you just say yes, wonderful things can happen.

So here is my #ThrowbackThursday:
Flying the flag for the UK- Ningbo Campus, China
To read the original blog I wrote about my Tri-Campus experience (and to have an ogle at the rest of the pictures) all you have to do is click here

I want to find out where my fellow bloggers have explored so I nominate Champagne&Lemonade and HoneyPlate to share their travels with the blogosphere.

Love x


  1. I love this #tbt idea! Thanks for sharing - and congrats on the goal! I'd love to go to China one day - off to read your post now :)

    1. Thank you Oriette :) I'm glad you liked the post. Let me know if you do a #tbt I'd love to see it! I would also definitely recommend China!

  2. What a lovely picture! No harm in looking back occasionally! x

  3. Love a good throwback thursday! What an amazing achievement!

    Laura (