Monday, 25 June 2012

A New Start Deserves a New Wardrobe!!

Now usually this blog is meant to be about the little pleasures in life, the ones that come for free and truly make life beautiful BUT... i am a girl and i cant resist abit of shopping, and safe to say this excursion was one of the 'sparkliest' shopping trips ive had in a LONG time.

Here comes the sun...

BUT, the day got even better. Now im not one for frivolous expenditure usually, but this new me deserved new shoes and ive had mega lust for these beauts for some time (and i was justified as a new leaf/self congratulatory presssie for doing so well in my first uni exams). They epitomize my fresh start, their strong, determined, beautifully made and very, VERY 'Sparkly' say hello too...

The Jeffrey Campbell 'Damsel Spike'. I am in LOVE! i may have had a mini heart attack handing my card over to the cashier but i put them on straight away full to the brim with tingly, sparkle energy. Rest assured they will remain surgically attached to my feet for quite a long time to come.

Keep Sparkling!
Peace and Love x

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