Thursday, 28 June 2012


A year away at university can seem like a completely new life. you split from your past and you create a new start with new friends, a fresh exciting environment to explore and you grow up, becoming an updated version of the person you once were complete with new experiences and life lessons.
The transition back to home life after a year in a new world is always a difficult one. The guilt suddenly hits you that you have neglected your old friends in favor of trying to integrate yourself in a new social circle at university, only harking back to past memories in times of loneliness and reminiscent bliss.
However, it should be noted that since ive come back i have recognized that among old friends, the best of friends and life-long friends, there is an unspoken rule that we will always be there for each other despite the hiatus and the majority of us are guilty of the same crime allowing us to empathize and therefore forgive each others lack of perceived 'effort' in maintaining the relationship.
These are the friends who you see after weeks, months or even years and it feels like you only saw them last week, the ones who remember those silly in-jokes (Y U NO!, *gopher face* and moter-boating Emma's boobs being some of my own personal favorites). The friends that make you realize the person you once were and the comfort that comes from that familiarity.
Its hard to make that first step and get back in touch, but you know its worth it when you can spend a good half an hour in WH Smith declaring its like 'Sophies Choice' over whether to purchase Tangfastics or Galaxy and impersonating animal themed birthday cards. These are the friends that last a life time, and these are the friends that will be there for you as long as you value them.
My friends make me Sparkle more brightly than i could ever do alone and hopefully these pictures will share some of that sparkle with you...

 Matt's style inspiration?

 "OMG it's like SOPHIE'S CHOICE!"
From left to right... Jessica Collins, Jem Patel, Emily Rae and one very happy girl <3

Peace and Love x

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