Thursday, 21 June 2012

 Things that made me sparkle recently...

 Found a little Vintage shop in Nottingham by chance after coming out the side entrance of the train station, best detour i ever took, it was a treasure trove of trinkets, retro comics and vintage clothing but this was the thing that stood out the most. You can BUY MEMORIES. it was the most beautiful idea ive seen in such a long time, to own a moment of a complete stranger seems like such a romanticized way to experience history . I'm one of those odd people who loves nothing more than people watching from coffee shops and making up my own life stories for them (unashamedly addicted to the sims too just fyi) and this seems like the perfect way to carry on this strange obsession. (On a side note, this little haven also doubles as a tea shop selling a cuppa for a quid and 'Tunnocks' Teacakes INLOVE!)
 Part of a Nottingham Council initiative... makes me believe in fate, turning over this new leaf and seeing this just spurred me on. Its my 'time to Sparkle' and i don't care if its cheesy!
 Lets be honest... cutest mug ever!!!

 Cupcakes lovingly made by Stefan... they even have sparkles on them!!!

Even finding 'sparkle' on the fridge...
... followed by 'Star Wars' Monopoly 'we so scene!' (FYI i won :D)

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