Sunday, 1 July 2012

Come Fly With Me...

It's a strange atmosphere in an airport. That mixture of excitement, stressed out parents and inebriated twenty-somethings being herded like sheep through a maze of check in desks, metal detectors and duty frees. The sense that sunshine is imminant and just on the otherside of the terminal. Heavy suitcases containing worldy possessions, suncream and all manner of skinpy bikinis and short shorts sent on a converbelt to god-only-knows-where accompanied by the hope and prayer that they will arrive unharmed and much the same at the intended destination. With boading pass in hand and the last few pounds dragging us toward the duty free its all sparkle sparkle sparkle!
My little sister is VERY Sparkly <3

Bye bye...

When the board flashes a gate number, we all quene politely to be assigned a cramped seat, the lucky ones by the window, the unlucky squish inbetween the small child and the paranoid first time flyer, and yet none of this seems to matter. you're going on holiday. That blissful realisation that soon you will have a week (or more) of pure relaxation and 'calefornia dreaming' aestethic. Being bathed in heat, tempted by gelato and slowly lulled into tha easy going lifestyle that comes with the highly anticipated summmer holiday.
I always think the flight is one of the most sparkly parts of the holiday, its the beginning, the fresh start. You load up with magazines, books and the trusty ol'ipod, knowing that only 2 hours lies between you and the wall of musty heat ready to hit you like a brick wall when you land and your coverted destination.
The inflight magazine was filling my head with a bucket list of new adventures as the plane took off. Stolkholm, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam; locations to be explored in time.
Chowing down on a 'Boots' finest houmous and falafal wrap, i delved into the much anticipated first book of the holiday and was pleastly greeted with this quote...
"The sky is more impersonal than the sea. Above the birdline, higher than the last referential cloud, at an altitude that oxygen will not voluntarily frequent..." -Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
immediately I felt the sparkle, it made the flight magical. that quote ment that when i looked out the window i saw more than i usually seem, i saw literary genius. Made me snuggle in my seat with a goofy smile not careing if the fellow passengers thought i was high (we were high incidently, by this point i think we were approaching the coast of eastern Spain.)

Inspired, the ipod came out, i closed my eyes and put my trust in shuffle; it didnt disappoint...
Berkley Girl by Harper Simon
Myykonos by Fleet Foxes
The World We Live In by The Killers
Daniel by Bat for Lashes
What Became of the Likely Lads (with a gorgeous hidden track) by The Libertines
Glycerine by Bush
Pass Out by Tinnie Tempah
Politik by Coldplay

As the final chords played the announcement was made that we would be landing, seatbelt signs ping and eyes glue themselves to the porthole windowns watching the land get closer and the birdseye veiw disappearing.

touch down... hello portugal, long time no see, let be having you!
Love and Peace x


  1. the libertines hidden track is called 'france'
    enjoy the holiday

  2. ah shit, in case you think ^ that was some weird stalker randomer,
    Hi! its marcus :)