Thursday, 5 July 2012

Details in the Fabric (Lagos Old Town) - Lots of Piccies :D

Walking around Lagos town center you can’t help but fall in love with the remains of the Old Town. A fishing village infested with tourism makes it the perfect exercise in the pursuit of Sparkle. It you look up, above the neon Indian take-away signs and beyond the stalls selling knock-off Louis Vuitton’s and plastic trinkets, you’ll discover the true character of the place. Distressed doorways and neglected balconies hinting at a more romantic time before commercial gain took over simplistic lifestyles. Its these little details in the fabric of everyday life which truly make me sparkle and seeking them out really is a truly blissful experience. It’s like you’ve discovered a little secret normal folk over-look and you can take solace in the thought that you have acknowledged this unique, tiny pleasure and it is free for the taking and making of memories. Remember to look for the little things; it is these that truly sparkle.

Peace and Love x

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