Thursday, 5 July 2012

Continuity and Change

 We have been coming to the same little villa in Portugal for many years. Since i was very small this has always felt like a summer home we escaped to every summer when the weather at home seemed way too cold for your standard July.
Over the years this place has seen me and my sister grow. it has seen us in good times and bad, dealing with various stages of our live, maturing, experiencing trials and tribulations molding us into the young women we are today. Its always interesting when people accuse you of 'having changed' because in life its all about continuity. You are the same person all your life; you are yourself, unique and an individual. Your perspective may change and your attitudes may alter but ultimately you remain the person you were born to be and person you will be remembered as when you die. (Sorry tad morbid for a Sparkle blog)
Anyway what prompted this slightly different blog post was a dress. Three or four years ago i wore the same dress here. I was a very different person. I had not yet started collage and i had just finished my GCSE's i had different aspirations and wasnt sure what i wanted out of life which i guess is normal for your standard 16 year old. In the period between then and now so much has changed, I achieved A Levels and completed my first year at university, had my heart stolen, crushed, nurtured and betrayed. My mind has expanded into realms i only ever thought could be achieved through enlightenment and meditation (turns out all it took was a fresh outlook and some damn good books) and i have experienced depression, elation, hunger and fulfillment. I have learnt so much about myself in these past few years. While recently it has been a tough journey i can never regret the path that life has taken and in some ways im grateful for the difficulties i have faced. I have become a stronger person, i have changed, but i have also continued, i have evolved. Unlike the Emily at 16 i know myself now, i know my likes and dislikes, my hopes and ambitions, what i truly crave in life and what i can do without.

 We should never regret the past and the alterations that it imposes on our lives. The sparkle in our eyes may dim from time to time but it is always there lighting our way through the dark, through seeking it even in the times it seems to have disappeared we become more adapt at keeping it near and following its guidence. I am proud of the woman i have become today. I know myslef and i love myself. I can and will always be myself, i will be more me than anybody else could ever hope to be, in the eternal wisdom of Dr.Seuss ...
'“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 

Follow your Sparkle, never question or doubt it, embrace change and revel in the continuity that follows.
Peace and Love x

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