Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Fishy Tail...

Visiting the town of Lagos yesterday, the traditional fish market was alive and buzzing as always. A mainstay of the traditional side of the town, it has been used by the population for decades as a meeting place and a hub of activity for the fishermen selling their catch, fresh off the boat that morning. The old building used to absolutely stick, I mean like hold-your-breath, eyes-watering kind of stink. One memorable trip included an eel escaping from its plastic bag prison and having a fishy spaz attack all over the floor to the enjoyment of the locals and the horror of me and my little sister. Now its been refurbished and its sanitary standards have undoubtedly increased. The smell is no longer as pungent which my ever knowledgeable farther informs me means the fish is 100% fresh (probably the reason we’d always avoided there in favor of the supermarket in previous years.) The sights however are still as intriguing as ever. Exotic fish that I’ve never seen before catch your eye at every stall and you cant help but think that some look more like wall decorations at a fishing lodge than fare for a BBQ.

The town is littered with reminders of its oceanic specialties from mosaics on the floor to a questionalble sculpture of a man riding a fish? From every cafĂ© and restaurant board your lured in by the ‘catch of the day’ and spoilt for choice by the bounty of seafood.
Personally we settled for prawns for lunch, not very adventurous but somehow they always seem to taste better when eaten in the sunshine with fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, a glass of white wine and freshly baked bread rolls. (plus you cant help but feel slightly smug that after the feast the debris left behind seems to suggest you left a lot more than you ate…. Unfortunately not the case, but YOLO we’re on our holidays !!!)

Peace and Love x

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