Sunday, 15 July 2012

“I’m going to turn into a prawn! Go back to England small and pink…”

Okay so try and guess what the favorite food of this holiday was... yes prawns! The Prawns in Portugal are MASSIVE , in England a prawn is basically a ttiinnyyyyyyshrimp and frozen in a little bag. These come straight off the boat and taste A-MA-ZING! Half the fun is the 'finger food' aspect, its like when you were a little kid and part of the fun of KFC or a Birthday buffet was getting your fingers all covered in yummy-ness and liking it all off at the end (I loved doing it with Wotsist, oddly enough its the same hue of orange)
ANYWAY.... we had them cock-tailed, Piri-piri'd; with spaghetti and with bruschetta; with wine, with sangria and with burnt limbs the same color as our chosen delicacy.
Gonna miss you lil guys!

 Drunk prawn...

Peace and Love x

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