Monday, 9 July 2012

Last Few Days...

So our week at 'O Retreat' ended and we've successfully moved to our second destination of the quaintest little fishing village called Burgau. While it has the appearance of a sleepy fishing village it is the epitomy of Cliche Mediterranean living, Spending 10 hours in the sun then mooching on down to the nearest little bistro which cooks fresh catch of the day to the highest standard (forget Michelean stars this is real cuisine) i've already found the apartment of my dreams and im truly falling into the sunshine lifestyle.
I am truly in my sparkle element. As this place is so remote i am currently in a little bar looking out over the white washed landscape with a glass of rouge and so blogging wont be as frequent but will resume with earnest when wifi becomes more available (stocking up lots of sparkle to share soon)...

Peace and Love x


  1. really great article , I'm in love ! good job and hope to see other stunning posts from you , kisses .

  2. Awww thank you <3 its so nice to think people actually read my ramblings :D kisses back xxxx