Thursday, 26 July 2012

The week i got my 'Sparkle' back...

I'm back from Paris and i can honestly say that no week has ever been so transformative. I went knowing that to truly get the most out of this experience i just have to say 'yes'. Say yes to meeting new people, say yes to every invite, opportunity and adventure which presents itself, and if i listen to myself and open myself up the the world it will welcome me with open arms. (and let me tell you; when the world hugs you, it is the most comforting feeling in the world!)
The phrase 'everything happens for a reason' can be over used or used as an excuse when things don't go according to plan, but i've been converted. everything DOES happen for a reason. The first day we met the most gorgeous french girl, Pauline, (i liked her outfit and wanted to take a picture) ...

She ended up being our gateway to the 'real Paris'. Not the neon covered, souvenir embellished, cliche Paris, but the Paris that the Parisians see, the back streets, the hide outs. We got taken to the cutest Morocco themed free Jazz bar, and the grungiest underground house bar, meeting the most gorgeous people (including a girl from Bury called Marie, who lived in Paris for 5 months and is moving back to Leeds soon- what are the chances!?)

We ended up at an independent artists' gallery's goodbye party for some Germans, with free drinks and the most free spirited people ive ever met.

 I have so many memories and so many stories which will probably be featured on the blog soon. (I need to find some sort of order to all the stuff in my head first before i can share it with you lovely people!)
Paris became my home, we had a regular coffee shop (Who knew our order by the end of the week and just brought it to us with a smile)...

... and a regular restaurant (lots of free wine was had and kisses given).

 I found myself in Paris, i found the girl i want to be. tThe one who lives life to the full, who goes with the flow and just sees life as a big adventure. Sorry this post is abit 'rambly' but i just needed to blurt before i could begin to organize all the things that have happened.

So i'll end with some sort of order... 3 lessons learned;
1.Say YES!
2.The more you look the more you see.
3.Don't be afraid of opening yourself up to the world and to strangers, because they teach you more about yourself than you ever would discover on your own.

Finally.... Massive thank you to my best friend, my soul mate and the most 'sparkly' girl in the world Miss Eleanor Tatchell, thank you for sharing the experience with me i couldn't of done it without you!

Peace and Love x

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