Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pursuit of Pirate...

This is a story of one girl's transformation from normality to pirate. Not entirely sure how this happened but over the course of a day I gradually morphed into a Captin Jack Sparrow wannabe. It began with your classic shirt/shorts combo, add a shell ring and bohemian scarf from a little boutique in a fishing village, then stunning hareem pants and a frankly goregous dream catcher earring from a beach side stall, a salvaged feather and a makeshift pirate boat made from junk on the west coast and suddenly im Penelope Cruz in the newest Pirates of the carrabian film. Just need the rum now... Ahoy Maatey ;)
Shorts- Miss Selfridge, Shirt- Glamourous (Found at an independent shop in the Lake District), Flip Flops- Primark, Bikini- Miss Selfridge.... Never underestimate the gems you can unearth in the most unexpected of places...

Peace and Love x

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