Friday, 13 July 2012

Red Earth

Go to bed moon,
Ghost in the sky staying up late.
Bricks of hay bails soaking up the sun
Dagger grass, rough bush;
Veterans of the heat line melting tarmac.
Tuktuk, Chugchug, Puffpuff
Stub lolling from a vagabonds claw
Dust rising in musky clouds
Drying eyes and self soaking skin
Parched land, parched throat basking in the heat
Red earth, sandstones, oasis of the sea.
Candy s-unbrellas litter the beach
Cotton wool breeze in a sunshine cocoon
Clackclack, Woofwoof, Wahwah
Wired for sounds, book transporter
Sticky fingers on sandpaper towels.
Creamy backs that smell of summmer
Wrinkles yet to emerge, brown spots yet to blight
Smothered and covered verses Naked and bare
Battle of the bronze
A diets culmination cast aside in favour of sauce and sustenance
Drowned in wine
Suffocated by noon
Until homeward bound,
Red earth cools black.

by E.Clark

Peace and Love x

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  1. Love this Em - didn't know you could write like this! Really, really good:)